Who cares for the carer? Newstalk Podcast

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February 3, 2016
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March 31, 2016

Who cares for the carer? Newstalk Podcast

Irish Association of Social Care Workers have been advised by Sorcha Heron who produced Who Cares for the Carer? that this has been the most listened too podcast in the Newstalk series in 2015 and has generated significant interest.

Noel Howard (IASCW) and Denise Lyons (IASCE) are interviewed by Sorcha Heron on Who Cares for the Carer? on Newstalk on Monday 26th October. The programme focused on Social Care Workers experience of burnout, workplace violence and the physical, emotional and psychological impact of this on their personal and professional lives. Several Social Care Workers interviewed explain how their experiences of workplace violence impacted them and their colleagues.

Irish Association of Social Care Workers recognise the serious impact that workplace violence has on Social Care Workers and continue to raise concerns regarding increasing levels of violence to approporiate bodies and endeavour to keep this serious issue to the forefront. The IASCW look forward with interest to the findings of research on Social Care Workers Experience of Workplace Violence due to be available in early 2016.

To listen to a podcast of this programme:

Please be advised that some of the scenes of violence discussed in this programme may be upsetting. Social Care Ireland membership offers DAS insurance which provides access to free counselling. For more details see join now.