Leadership, Education & Talent Development (LETD) 2019 Prospectus

Social Care Ireland would like to share this resource on Leadership, Education & Talent Development (LETD) with social care workers who are also HSE staff:


On behalf of the Leadership, Education & Talent Development (LETD) team, I would like to welcome you to our Learning and Development Prospectus which outlines our extensive list of in-house Learning and Development Programmes provided to support HSE staff around the country.

LETD has extensive experience in developing and providing high quality programmes that support the priorities of the HSE. Our current suite of Learning & Development Programmes and interventions support a number of the priorities in our People strategy such as Leadership and Culture, Learning and Development and Performance Achievement. A number of the programmes contained within the Prospectus are accredited by professional bodies which is important for a number of disciplines in meeting their continuous professional development (CPD) requirements.
We also have included information on what HSELand has to offer in the area of online training supports for all staff. The area of online learning is a fast developing part of the training and education area and is a flexible learning option for staff considering the demands on time and resources. There is a large suite of training programmes available covering both clinical and general development, and various hubs with discussion forums, publications, articles etc.
We hope that our Prospectus provides guidance in relation to the options available through LETD in supporting your individual and team development needs. Our LETD Specialists look forward to meeting you on one of our many development programmes during 2019.
Pat O’Boyle
Assistant National Director
HR – Leadership Education and Talent Development

Click here to download 2019 Prospectus