CAMH Special Interest Group

The Social Care in CAMHS SIG rounded off a productive year with a successful and inspiring annual conference. We wish everyone a happy and restful Christmas and New Year and look forward to a promising year ahead for 2019.
Our first meeting of the year will be held on January 21st in Clonbrusk Primary Care Centre, Athlone. The afternoon portion of the meeting will take place from 2-4pm and is open to all Social Care Workers in CAMHS who wish to attend.

The Social Care in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Special Interest Group in conjunction with Social Care Ireland recently rounded off a productive year with our third annual conference. This took place in the Education Centre of Our Lady’s Hospice in Harold’s Cross and we were delighted to welcome practitioners and students from a wide variety of health and social care backgrounds. When the planning began in early 2018 one thing we were clear about was that we wanted a theme that would feel relevant and current to those working in such a complex and dynamic field. With so much time in the mental health services spent focused on learning how to “assess and address”, we saw an opportunity to highlight the importance of a strengths based approach to building and maintaining positive mental health.

Shane Martin, a psychologist dedicated to promoting self-help and empowerment, opened the day with a highly relatable and refreshingly humorous piece on the theory of resilience and how to cultivate a culture of resilience in our lives. Shane’s message was delivered through the inspiring lens of promoting and preserving our mental health by focusing on what we do well instead of waiting for the crisis.

Denise Ronan a Social Care Worker in CAMHS followed Shane with a practical insight into bringing the theory of resilience to life for the young people and families we work with. She spoke about the resilience skills group she has developed along with her Social Care colleague Sarah Corrigan. Her presentation illustrated engaging and imaginative ways of supporting young people and families to discover and build upon the resilience within.

Dr. Colman Noctor (Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist) brought the day to a close with a thought provoking look at the role technology plays in our lives and the impact of this on the developing minds of vulnerable young people. In a society where we are focused on policing screen time, Colman’s message of building the necessary resilience within our young people to cope with an ever advancing technological world brought a refreshing perspective on this topic.

The Special Interest Group would like to thank the speakers for an engaging and inspiring day. We would also like to thank Social Care Ireland for their support, along with everyone who contributed to making the day a success. We look forward to getting started on the plans for our 2019 conference and a promising year ahead.