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“Peace through Practise

As I write this I am looking out on a snowy landscape. When I woke up this morning my  mind was full of busy thoughts about being in lockdown again in Ireland, and the deeply unsettling images from last nights news of a very troubled time in the USA. I sat in my morning meditation practise this morning and my mind did not settle like a still deep pond. Instead I was fidgety and a little anxious that I might be missing out on some important news if I did not plug in quickly enough to social media and the news outlets. A little embarrassing for a senior mindfulness teacher but so it is. As humans we can so easily get stuck on the stress  response cycle and feed our whirring mind without even being conscious of it. Pressing the ‘pause button’ through practise at least alerts me to how I am. The next challenge for me as a human is to show some kindness to myself and thankfully I am with getting better at that. So in this case I asked myself what would I like to do and and this morning it was a no brainer. I have just spent time outside feeding the birds and enjoying the unusual ( for those of us in Ireland) quiet and beautiful snowscape.

I would like to invite you my friends to take a moment to press the pause button for yourself right now. How are you doing today? What would being kind to yourself look like right at this moment? What small action could you take right now to support your own wellbeing?

My first blog of the year is  about.this overload of stress and anxiety and especially for those of us at work. You can read it here.

We know that calling to mind and preferably saying out loud or writing down what we are grateful for each day rewires our brain in some amazing way that significantly impacts on our physical and mental wellbeing. I know well from experience that it can feel dry and arid and even untrue in the beginning ..’ I am grateful for…..’, but I also know that this awkward start can grow into a natural flow of gratitude, and I have no doubt that my gratitude practise is a huge support to my own wellbeing especially in these days of radical uncertainty.
Today as I prepare for a new year of work ( with a largely empty calendar at the moment) I am so grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities I had last year to work in radically new ways – online webinars, workshops and trainings, for the sharp learning curve, the wonderful support from existing and new clients and friends, and the burst of energy and new potential that this new way of working has opened up for me.

Do you currently have a gratitude practise? If you do might you need to refresh/strengthen it? If not might you use this unusual time of extra stress and anxiety for many of us to begin  a gratitude  practise even, and maybe especially when I’m feeling rotten. 

My work over the past few months was often with women working with people in management roles who are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. I have set up a free facebook group to bring those of us in this situation together to support and learn from each other in a safe space as together we move from stress to success, and rediscover our passion and mojo for our chosen work. I would greatly appreciate if you would spread the word. The free facebook group is called Stress to Success and you can join here :
Please share freely with any who might like to join us here. 

I have some new courses coming up
– Four week introduction to Mindfulness from Tues Feb 4th     10  to 12pm
– Six week Mindfulness and Self Compassion from Feb 8th   5.30 to 7pm
– Eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)     from Tues March 2nd 6 to 8pm
– At home Morning of Ease –  on Sat Feb 20th 10 to 1pm
– At  home full day retreat 10 to 4.30 pm on Sat May 22nd 10   to 4.30pm
For more information and to book any of these please visit

When someone encourages you that person helps you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own.’ John O’Donoghue
I continue of course to offer one to one, team and organisational support through cross professional supervision and mindfullnes based interventions.

I would so appreciate you sharing this newsletter and word of my work to any you think might have an interest in any of my work.

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