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A message from John Sharry @ solutiontalks

‘It was great to see so many people attend our child and teen mental health parent workshops over the last week. In total 2,400 people registered for the two talks which is a sign of the many challenges families are experiencing during Covid-19.

Listening to the feedback I was inspired by the many creative ways parents are coping which is testament to family resilience. Some of the tip sheets from the talks, on connecting with your children and children and promoting well-being and resilience are below.

I also include a link to a 6-part series of articles I wrote about cultivating your personal positive mental health.

Finally, this Friday, 19th March I will be giving a free ‘Parenting When Separated’ online talk, hosted by the Parents Plus charity.

All the best,’

Parenting When Separated: Helping your Children Cope and Thrive’
A free talk for parents with John Sharry
Friday 19th March at 12 noon, online via Zoom

Drawing on the evidence-based Parents Plus Programmes and his book ‘Parenting When Separated’, John Sharry describes practical ways for parents to help themselves and their children cope and thrive after separation. In particular the talk will describe how you can learn to:

– communicate and co-parent effectively with your children’s other parent
– maintain the quality of your parenting
– tune into and respond to your child’s needs
– prioritise your own self care as a parent
– minimise post-separation challenges and changes

You can register to attend this talk here.


Wellbeing Articles

Drawing from the insights of positive psychology, these six articles, present practical principles you can apply in your life to build your resilience in the face of adversity. Read them here.

Further Help

There are hundreds of articles on the website here. More recent articles are on The Irish Times website here, where you can also contact me if you would like me to answer your parenting question anonymously through my Tuesday column.

Finally, I can now be found on Instagram if you wish to follow me there.

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