Celebrating National Health & Social Care Professional’s Day Today

Building on the successes of 2018 and 2019 ; HSCP Day 2020 is taking  place today on Wednesday, 4th March, 2020. The day provides a valuable opportunity to:

  • Share knowledge and experiences amongst HSCP and multi-disciplinary colleagues, helping to develop communities and networks of practice.
  • Share the value of HSCP services to our service users and the healthcare system overall, leading to increased awareness about the work of individual professions, better collaboration and shared understanding.
  •  Recognise and celebrate the enormous impact of HSCP services on our service users, made possible only through our dedicated and inspiring work-force.
  • The theme this year has been chosen from the feedback from the HSCP Strategy Planning Workshops which reflect key messages from HSCP in frontline services , i.e. , HSCP Integrate, Innovate, Deliver.

For HSCP day 2020 in Dublin, in the picture below we have  Raymond Watson (left) from the  open training college in collaboration with St Michael’s House staff celebrating social care workers.

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HSCP Integrate, Innovate, Deliver