What is Reflective Practice?

To reflect is ‘to think deeply or carefully about’. (Oxford English Dictionary).

Within healthcare, Reflective Practice is a process by which you stop and think about your practice, consciously analyse your decision-making, draw on theory and relate it to what you do in practice.

Reflection can mean different things to different people it maybe a solitary introspection, or involve dialogue with other practitioners; it may be carefully structured or used more fluidly in ongoing, tacit ways. (Finlay, 2008) Approaching reflection more formally, and documenting it, can form one of the building blocks of a CPD portfolio, and for professions registered or registering with CORU, reflection on different learning activities is an essential element of the CPD requirement.

The resources on this page have been developed by the Health and Social Care Professions Education and Development Advisory Group to aid you with your reflective learning.

eLearning Module *NEW*

Reflective Practice eLearning Module (free on www.HSELand.ie)


View the first HSCP Reflective Learning video on Vimeo.


Reflective Learning Toolkit Content Table of Contents

  1. Reflective Journal Overview
  2. Bains Reflective Learning Model Worksheet
  3. Gibbs Reflective Learning Model Worksheet
  4. Kolb Reflective Learning Model Worksheet
  5. Rolfe Reflective Learning Model Worksheet
  6. Professional Body Reflective Learning Template from AOTI CPD Portfolio
  7. Professional Body Reflective Learning Template from INDI CPD portfolio
  8. Volunteer form Reflective Learning CPD
  9. Journal Review form Reflective Learning CPD
  10. Action Learning Handout
  11. Mapping Workplace Support System for Reflective Learning
  12. Reflective Learning Video Slides Handout
  13. HSE HSCP Reflective Practice statement – Oct 2019
  14. Coru CPD Audit Guidelines
  15. Coru CPD Record Template


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