CPD & CORU Registration

CORU Standards and CPD Requirements for CPD

CORU have identified that ‘the registrant must ensure that his/her knowledge, skills and performance are of a high quality, up to date and relevant to their practice. Registrants are required to maintain and develop professional competencies by participating in professional development’ (p.13)

CPD requirements identified by CORU include:

  • A registrant must engage in a range of CPD activities on an ongoing basis.
  • A registrant must complete 30 CPD credits in a 12 month period.
  • A registrant must demonstrate their CPD activities are relevant to their professional role and are mindful of current and future practice. CPD should be based on a self-directed review of their knowledge, skills, performance and professional qualities.
  • A registrant must maintain an up to date CPD portfolio. The CPD portfolio must include:
    • a. Description of current professional practice and practice setting
    • b. Personal learning plan
    • c. Record of CPD activities
    • d. Reflections on a selected number of CPD activities (minimum of 4)
    • e. Evidence of undertaking CPD activities
  • A registrant must, upon request from the relevant Registration Board, submit their CPD portfolio (which must be of their own work and supported by evidence) for periodic audits of compliance with the CPD standards and requirements. (CORU, 2013)

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