The Sanctuary Self Care Resource Pack: Lockdown 3

Earlier this year, Dr. Tony Bates delivered a workshop that explored how we might maintain our balance and indeed find resilience throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. This workshop was told from a Psychology perspectice and offers many helpful tips for identifying the differences between stress and trauma and how we might find a way through both.

To watch a portion of the session, click the link below:

Tony Bates: Maintaining Balance Amidts the Pandemic

In his session, Tony encourages those who are feeling stress and/or overwhelm to follow the three steps of bringing your attention to the body, to the breath and to move towards creating a sense of calm. He also highlights the importance of feeling safe.

Below you will find two practices that will help you to connect with the body and breath, as well as encourage a sense of calm and safeness.

Simone Meschnig provides a guided breath meditation/sound bath to encourage a sense of calm and ease.
Jane Negrych guides the practice: Safe Place. This is an imagery meditation taken from Compassion Focused Therapy that might help us get in touch with a feeling of ‘safeness’.
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