Findings of Workplace Violence Study



Earlier this year, Social Care Ireland was involved in a Community-Academic Research Links initiative, CARL, which is located at University College Cork and invites non-profit voluntary or community organisations (CSOs) to suggest potential research topics that can be pursued by students on their behalf across a wide range of academic disciplines in UCC.

Two Masters students in social work collaborated with SCI under this CARL initiative to;

Explore the extent of workplace related violence experienced by Social Care Workers in residential Disability Services.

Aim of Study:

This study will clarify what work place related violence is and how prevalent it is among Social Care Workers in residential disability services in Ireland. It seeks to identify the effects of workplace violence on Social Care Workers. This study will aim to identify whether there is likely to be under reporting of this issue.

Description of workplace violence (WPV) adapted for the purpose of this research is defined as:

“Workplace violence as violence that occurs where people, in the course of their employment, are aggressively verbally abused, threatened or physically assaulted”.
(Health and Safety Authority, 2014)

Thank you to everyone who participated in this research, the students are going to launch their finding in October in UCC. Please come along and show your support for this valuable research.

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