HSE- Team Reflection: Reflect sensitively, Recover with kindness & Renew with hope

We hope you and your families are well and have come safely through this phase of Covid-19.  We know that work has been extremely busy and challenging and we hope that the strong sense of public service has in some way sustained us all through this uncertain time.

Covid-19 has necessitated teams meet emerging needs at pace – responding to changing demands and balancing this with the very real concerns of the public, service users, families and team colleagues.  We are also very aware that the level of change across our services has never been more evident and that staff and teams need support to address the challenges of rapid, emergent change.

We are conscious that the focus is now on ‘Recovery Plans’ and ‘Restoring Services’ – we are also conscious that you are balancing this focus with local readiness and an assessment of the very real impact of recent experiences on staff / service users and the public.  It will take time as you well know to support reflection, recovery and renewal.  We see this as a necessary part of what now has to happen to move forward with the confidence of new learning and possibilities to build on what has worked well over the past few months and indeed what has not worked as well.

Based on connecting in with local services in recent weeks, best practice and our own sense of what is happening in the system we have developed a series of short interactive Team Reflection resources linked to the Health Services Change Guide. Each info-graphic contains links to practical tools and templates providing prompts and guidance that can be used for sessions within your service. We would encourage you to use and share this resource with local teams to stimulate conversations. Based on your local experiences you will know best when the timing is right to encourage these types of conversations within your service or the teams that you work with over the coming months.

We hope you find the attached resources helpful in the current context and are very happy to receive feedback on its relevance and application. This can be submitted via changeguide@hse.ie.

The core info-graphic on Reflect Recover Renew contains an interactive Change Framework with links to specific topics. The resources are best viewed on a PC or Laptop for full functionality of the hyperlinks to tools and templates. To access the resources please click here.

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