Inclusion Ireland General Election 2020

The Elections material for the General Election 2020 from Inclusion Ireland is found here:

In this link you will find, Election 2020, Our Asks of the Parties.
In the run up to Election 2020, Inclusion Ireland is meeting the various political parties and asking that they include various commitments in their manifestos. We want them to commit to this document  if they are elected to the Dáil in 2020.

Inclusion Ireland has developed a list  of questions, you may like to ask of candidates for Election 2020 as they canvas for your votes. There are proposed questions on education, housing, rights, poverty, mental health, therapies and employment.
ETR Election 2020 manifesto.
Inclusion Ireland has produced the following manifesto for Election 2020.  We want candidates to commit to the asks in our manifesto and will compare the various parties commitments to our manifesto.
Email Your Candidates
Send your candidates an email asking them to prioritise the rights of people with disabilities in #disabilityGE2020.
It couldn’t be easier. Just select your constituency from the drop-down menu on your right, it will then take you to a prepared letter. You can add to it and personalise it as much as you want, or leave it as is. But make sure to get involved and send it, and ensure your voice is heard in this election!