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Mastering the unwind

Although we might find ourselves with more spare time, it doesn’t necessarily mean we know how to properly relax, or even sleep!

Unwinding from the day and enjoying quality sleep is essential for our mental health. World Sleep Day is Friday, 19 March, so this week we take a look at tackling sleep difficulties and learning new ways to relax.


Answering sleep questions

Hear from Deirdre, Jigsaw clinician, who answers the top questions around sleep from young people.

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ACE tool for grounding

Leona, Jigsaw clinician, walks through a grounding tool called “ACE” to use in stressful situations.

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Relaxation for mental health

Learn about the benefits of relaxation and some new activities you can try.

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Anxiety before sleeping

A young person used our Ask Jigsaw feature to get advice on managing their anxiety before going to bed.

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