Member Dialogue with Tusla, the Child and Family Agency

A message from Tanya Ward – Chief Executive, Children’s Rights Alliance

“We were delighted to recently facilitate a unique collaborative opportunity between our member organisations and Mr. Bernard Gloster, CEO of Tusla.

Our agenda covered a broad range of issues and we would very much like to continue these dialogues with as many members as possible, all are welcome to attend. We will arrange pre-meetings with our membership to agree agenda items, as we did for our first meeting last month.

To date we have discussed:

  • The Tusla transformation and reform process, including the key areas of focus; quality of service, the workforce and public confidence.
  • Covid-19 response by Tusla
  • Update on Children First
  • Member queries on specific issues including; ​​
    • ​Parents with intellectual disabilities
    • Birth parents of children in care
    • Child sexual abuse and the status of consultation around DPIA
    • Children in care and after care
    • Online safety

At the meeting the Alliance was asked to collate submissions for Tusla on issues arising for parents with intellectual disabilities coming into contact with Tusla services and for birth parents of children in care, including best practice examples of services that support them both. Any members who would like to raise issues, share submissions or research with us for this can do so by contacting Mary Nicholson, Social Policy Analyst by email before Friday 11 December. 

We would like to remind you that we welcome all of our members to be a part of this process and we look forward to hearing of any other issues which you would like to raise in this forum. 

Mr. Gloster has emphasised that he is eager to encourage as many Children’s Rights Alliance members as possible to attend this series of meetings, which he has asked us to convene as our members represent such a broad range of important sectoral issues.

In particular, he is very interested in hearing your different perspectives on how we can collectively work together to help improve Tusla’s perception with the general public and their stakeholders to give the best possible service from Tusla to those that need it the most.

If you would like to be included in this series of dialogues, please get in touch with Edel to register your interest. The next meeting with Tusla will hopefully take place early next year.”

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