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While we all continue to adjust to the changes and challenges of living our lives amid Covid-19, we saw the launch of a strategy last week that promises to make the promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing a real priority for the whole of Ireland.

Ireland’s new mental health policy, Sharing the Vision recognises the importance of the promotion of mental health and recovery, as well as the provision of fast, easy and early access to high quality and inclusive support. It promises to allow every person to be the architect of their own wellbeing and recovery and for our voices to be heard, respected and understood.




At the heart of the strategy is a focus on the promotion of factors that protect our mental health, such as self-care, healthy living and easy access to support, and that reduce the risk factors of poor mental health, such as social isolation, chronic stress, and discrimination.

The promotion of health and mental health is a powerful tool in challenging stigma, educating society, and helping individuals build resilience to help cope with stresses and uncertainties of everyday life.

From local efforts, and steps we can all take in our daily lives and within our communities, to national policy, mental health promotion can prevent mental ill health to ensure a more flourishing society for years to come.

So, if mental health promotion is in all of our hands, what steps can you take to play a part?


1. Share and signpost 
There are many mental health charities in Ireland that can provide literature and resources for your home, workplace and school. Mental Health Ireland provides high-quality, evidence-based information on a range of mental health topics, with free downloads and leaflets available in hard copy.

2. Raise awareness 
By helping to create an accepting and compassionate culture around mental health, you are challenging the stigma around it. One way to do this is to hold a fundraiser for a mental health charity, share social media posts, and create an ‘open door’ culture in your own space to share and talk about mental health. If you have any ideas for fundraising, or awareness events, get in touch at  Some upcoming events are the Virtual Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, the Empowering Recovery Seminar, our Art and Photography Competition, and World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

3. Educate yourself
Mental Health Ireland provides training around mental health and wellbeing in workplaces and communities across Ireland. We also have lots of resources to learn from, including Podcasts, Videos, Resource Packs such as our Virtual Connect Cafe and many more. Educating yourself on your own mental health is a great place to start. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so you must mind your own mental health before supporting others.


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