Public consultation on the Draft National Standards for Children’s Social Services

A message from Rachel Flynn

Director of Health Information and Standards


‘As you are aware HIQA is developing Draft National Standards for Children’s Social Services. These Draft National Standards set out what outcomes a child should expect and what a service needs to do to achieve these outcomes. They provide a common language to describe what high-quality, safe and reliable children’s social services look like.

Today, HIQA is launching a public consultation to give people an opportunity to provide their feedback on the Draft National Standards. As a stakeholder in the area of children’s social services, HIQA would like to invite you to contribute to this public consultation. We are also requesting that you raise awareness of this consultation among your colleagues, and those with experience of children’s social services, and encourage them to participate in it.

A briefing document is attached to provide information about the Draft National Standards for your review before you complete the form. The Draft National Standards, the form and instructions on how to fill out and submit the form are available here.

We will carefully assess all information received and use it, along with other evidence, to develop the Draft National Standards. The closing date for the public consultation is 5pm on Wednesday, 21 April.

We look forward to hearing from you’

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