Social Care Ireland Student Award 2019

The aim of the Social Care Ireland Student Award is to recognise and reward outstanding contribution and excellent performance of Social Care Students. The principles of fairness and transparency will apply in the implementation of the Social Care Ireland Student Award.

The Social Care Ireland Student Award is open to full-time and part-time Social Care Students nationally. The definition of a Social Care Student, for the purposes of this award, is students in 1st year right up to 4th year who are studying to become Social Care Workers.

Awards will be presented annually at the Social Care Ireland Conference. Each nomination must be submitted by a Lecturer of the student. One to a maximum of 4 students, if it is a group project, are eligible to be nominated for the award in any one year.

The Assessment panel will be comprised of three members of the Board of Social Care Ireland, one social care educator representative, one social care worker representative and one social care manager representative.
To facilitate the assessment of nominations, the panel may independently verify, clarify or seek further information from the Lecturer. The panel may, additionally, seek further evidence in order to determine the levels of performance that may be deemed ‘excellent’ or levels of contribution that may be deemed ‘outstanding’.

One award will be presented every year. Awards may be presented to individuals or to a team, if it is a group project, with a maximum of 4 Social Care Students per team nomination. The Assessment Panel will make its recommendations based upon excellent or outstanding demonstration of:
1. Developing professional practice skills
2. Reflective Practice
3. Innovation and Imagination
The panel will then come to a balanced decision about an overall level of excellence and will select the nominees who are to receive awards.

Areas of Excellence;

Awards will take account of the following criteria:

Criterion Evidence Sought
Innovation and Imagination Identifying or developing a creative and innovative intervention while on placement, that makes a positive impact by substantially improving overall effectiveness and contributing to service delivery and service users.
Development of Professional Practice Skills The panel will look for evidence that the nominees, through excellent interpersonal skills, group work, and/or linking theory to practice, have made a significant and positive impact on their professional practice skills.  Excellence may be recognised for the delivery of a significant project, or intervention, with the achievement of outstanding results or in overall contribution to service users.
Reflective Practice Evidence that the nominated individual or team has shown excellence in reflecting on their project or intervention or social care more generally, looking at issues such as reflecting on what they did, the way that they did it, or perhaps the way that they interacted with service users. Evidence that an individual or team understands what it needs to do for its service users, focuses on meeting their needs and requirements, and how this reflection can influence their future practice.


The winner/s of the Social Care Ireland Student Award will be announced a month prior to the Annual Social Care Ireland Conference.  The award will be presented by the Chair of Social Care Ireland at the annual Social Care Ireland Conference. There will be a public citation, explaining why the particular individual or team has been selected for their award.

Nature of Awards;

The winner or each member of a winning team, will receive a personalised Crystal memento as a permanent token of recognition for their contribution. Additionally, there will be 1 overnight stay for the winner and/or each member of the winning team (maximum of 4), during the annual Conference.

Management and Review;

The Social Care Ireland Student Award will be managed by the Chair of Social Care Ireland. The award will be reviewed, as required, and will be modified in accordance with changing circumstances and requirements.

Download Criteria on the Student Award.

Nomination form for Student Award closing date 4th February 2019