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Library Talks

‘Managing “home schooling” during the Covid-19 pandemic’ Talk
supported by Cavan Libraries and Healthy Ireland
Wednesday 24
th February at 7pm
With lockdown and restrictions, parents are under more stress than ever during the pandemic. In this talk, I will provide practical ideas on how to balance the demands of ‘home schooling’ primary school children while trying to work, and keep the whole family going during this challenging time.
Please note that this is being hosted by Cavan Libraries, so enquiries and booking information are available here only.

‘Technology, social media and family life’ Talk supported by Galway Libraries and Healthy Ireland
Thursday 11th March 7:30pm
Technology and screens now dominate family life and this is especially the case since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. While technology provides important ways of communicating and learning, there are also many down sides. In this talk, Professor John Sharry will present practical principles for establishing healthy family habits around using technology in the home.
Please note that this is being hosted by Galway Libraries, so enquiries and bookings are available here only.

Online Schooling Help

In my Irish Times column last Tuesday, I responded to a parent who had a query on how to support her 15 year old who is struggling with online schooling (see image below) or read it here on the Irish Times website. There is also an archive of other recent Irish Times Q&As here.

Ireland Reads Campaign

I am an ambassador for the Ireland Reads campaign encouraging everyone to squeeze in a daily read both for the sheer enjoyment, and for the mental health benefits. To find out more and to sign up to the campaign visit the Ireland Reads website here.

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