Supporting the emotional development of babies and young children – 2nd December 2020

“Over the last number of years that has been an increasing and  very welcome focus on supporting the emotional development as well as the physical development of babies and young children. The use of the Infant Mental Health approach is gradually becoming embedded in the supports that are provided in pregnancy and early childhood.

The Prevention and Early Intervention Network (PEIN) is delighted to present a webinar

Wednesday 2nd December from 10 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.

‘Supporting the emotional development of babies and young children: an introduction to the concept and application of Infant Mental Health’

The webinar will give participants:

  • An overview of Infant Mental Health as an approach and of its growth in Ireland
  • Examples of using the application of the Infant Mental Health approach in the settings of a maternity hospital and the community
  • An overview of how best practice can develop and be supported through the use of Infant Mental Health Networks
  • Information on resources to support Infant Mental Health practice”

Cost: €20

Venue: Zoom

The Prevention and Early Intervention Network (PEIN)

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