The Launch of the Confidential Recipient Annual Report 2018

This report contains a breakdown of the 206 concerns received in 2018.

 The office receives concerns and complaints related to vulnerable adults in HSE or HSE funded care services. The Confidential Recipient closed 83% of all concerns and complaints raised during 2018.

Ms Leigh Gath has been the Confidential Recipient since 2014. Although appointed by the HSE, Ms Gath remains independent in carrying out the duties of the Confidential Recipient.

Ms Gath welcomes the growing number of staff members who contact her office.

“While a culture of fear in coming forward is slowly eroding, it is important to give assurance that every concern received by my office is taken as seriously as the one before and after. Should a staff member wish to raise a concern or complaint in an anonymous capacity, it will be gladly received by my office and reviewed/investigated.”

The annual report can be found here confidential-recipient-annual-report-2018

You can contact the confidential recipient on: