The Mental Health Services Hub- HSELand

The Mental Health Services Hub delivers an online portal to manage learning, development and support individual practitioners in their continuous professional development.  It is accessible to all HSE staff members who are registered on HSEland and has recently been redeveloped.

What’s new about the redesigned hub?

  • The new layout is now easier to navigate with significant education and training materials.
  • It encompasses the mental health act amendments (2001-2018) and provides updates on the MHC codes of Practice and Rules.
  • There is a new section on Quality & Compliance providing resources and signposting the learner to the Best Practice Guidance, Mental Health Engagement, National Clinical Programmes and the Mental Health Commission.
  • A new elearning module, a practical application of the Involuntary Admissions process has also been added. This module is CPD approved and outlines the application of MH legislation to clinical practice, through different pathways in the application process.