The National Directory of Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services is pleased to inform all staff the availability of the updated version of the National Directory of Mental Health Services (v.19Q2) which can be downloaded from the HSE intranet using the link here. The Directory provides a single national view of all of the HSE mental health services that are available throughout Ireland, alongside those services delivered through a section 38 or section 39 service level agreements.

How it benefits me?

It provides an up-to-date and valuable tool to inform planning and resource allocation as well as containing data that is useful for report writing and responding to queries. For all staff the directory offers a single source of information when searching for the location, contact details and opening hours of a particular service

 What sort of information can I access?

Users will find the following data included in the National Directory that will be periodically updated by the HSE Mental Health Services in collaboration with the CHOs:

–          Number and type of services in operation in a particular area.

–          Number of beds in each Approved Centre, with a more in-depth breakdown for those run by the HSE.

–          Service names, Addresses, phone numbers and emails (where possible).

–          Opening hours.

How is the information organised?

The information can be organised by region (county, Community Healthcare Organisation), the population served (CAMHS, adults, older people etc.) and service type (Day Hospital, Community Residence etc.). Users can search/filter for information by means of the Directory’s user friendly interface or through the master dataset.

How often will it be updated?

The Directory will be updated quarterly. You will be informed whenever the latest version of the Directory is available.

How do I submit an update?

You can submit an update for the National Directory at any time by downloading, completing and sending this short form that is available on the Intranet site to

More information on data protection and the development of this resource can be found on the intranet and within the Directory.

On behalf of Mental Health Services we hope that you will find using the National Directory of Mental Health Services beneficial to your work and that you will contribute to its ongoing development.