The National Health and Social Care Professions’ (HSCP) Office Newsletter

Welcome to the fifth Issue of the National Health and Social Care Professions’ (HSCP) Office Newsletter. The National HSCP Office, established in 2017, is part of the HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer Division.

The HSCP Education and Development Strategy 2016 – 2019 was the second HSCP strategy focusing on education and development and is drawing to a conclusion this year. Much has been achieved. Many services have actively engaged with the strategy and focused on its priorities within their own services and sites.It is planned to develop the strategy in such a way that involves frontline Health and Social Care Professionals in all care settings as well as service users and other key stakeholders.
Preliminary work has been completed in terms of gathering and reviewing relevant strategic frameworks, documents and plans which will help inform this HSCP roadmap.
We know from meeting with frontline HSCP that many may feel overworked and possibly under valued in terms of the skill sets they have to offer. The intention of this strategy is to think about what things would be like if the skills and potential of HSCP were fully utilised.

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