The National HSCP Speed Networking Event

When: Wednesday 27th November 2019
Where: Tutorial Room 1, Education Centre, Scott Building, Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore
Time: 10am – 1pm (Light Lunch Provided)

An opportunity to develop research relationships between clinicians, managers and academics/researchers. Supported by the Health and Social Care Professions Office

What is speed networking?
Speed networking (like its dating equivalent) is an opportunity for those interested in research in particular settings to meet people with shared interests. It provides an initial opportunity to make contacts that could develop into further discussions and opportunities for collaboration.

How will the event be structured?
We are inviting two groups to attend, health and social care profession practitioners working in applied health areas who are currently involved in or interested in developing research AND academic researchers who are currently involved in or interested in developing research in applied health settings. On the day each group will cycle through short meetings with members of the other group where they can introduce themselves, discuss ideas and areas of interest or indeed pitch a project!

For more information and tips on making the most of the event please see

What should I do to prepare for the event?
Bring your research ideas and business cards

How can I register?
To book a place, please contact Frances Conneely at
Places will be available on a first come, first served basis – though there will need to be a balance to the two groups represented. Please note: A waiting list will also be created in case of high demand