UCC Resources on Microsoft Teams & Padlet

Dr Kenneth Burns, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Director of Practice, Acting Director of the Master of Social Work Programme and Research Associate with the School of Applied Social Studies | University College Cork. Some information on ‘Running an effective online meetings using Microsoft Teams’

Further to our previous email about supporting front-line managers and practitioners to shift some of their practice activities online (team meetings, supervision, training, direct work with families, etc.), please see below for a quick update:

  1. The Padlet has been thoroughly updated with newer versions of resources and additional information: https://padlet.com/kenneth28burns/uvpu626mvd5k Feel free to share with colleagues. The Padlet is open access and anyone can contribute a resource / link.
  2. See attached for the first of a series of tools we are writing — “Running an Effective Online Meeting using Microsoft Teams” – which you may find useful. The forthcoming tools will be uploaded directly to the Padlet link.
  3. We are still providing short consultations with managers and leaders who wish to problem solve how to use technology to support practice while restrictions are in place. Contact Fiachra or Kenneth by email if you would like to arrange a free consultation.
  4. We are aware that there are a growing number of creative practices using technology in social work and related disciplines. We may look to pull them together into a short online conference / webinar in a few months.

UCC has no relationship with any of the companies profiled on the Padlet. You should check internally in your organisation before using any of the meeting platforms (permissions, confidentiality, security considerations, etc.).

Recent publications and projects: http://research.ucc.ie/profiles/A012/k.burns@ucc.ie