Unity Conference 2017 Call for Papers

Unity Conference 2017 Call for Papers

Care, Connection & Context:

Commitment to Relational Based Practice

13th – 15th  November 2017,

 Regency Airport Hotel (Whitehall),  Dublin, Ireland

The Gateway Organisation, in conjunction with TransformAction International, Empower Ireland and CYC-Net, are delighted to broadcast this Call for Papers for the 4th annual ‘Unity through Relationship’ International Conference.

The event is open to all who are involved in the provision of care, education, therapy and other services to children, youth and families, including but not limited to: front-line practitioners (social work, social care, teachers, family support staff), clinicians, educators, justice professionals, mental health staff, therapists, researchers, managers, carers and students.

An effective alliance with the children, youth, families and communities we work with is essential if we are to be of any assistance to them. At the foundation of this is an understanding of key principles such as making connections, understanding context and really caring. Unity2017 is seeking to draw from the expert knowledge of colleagues who have a particular interest in exploring these concepts and sharing their insights with colleagues.

Thom Garfat explained in 2003 that a relational approach is ‘….the presence of the necessary clarity, boundaries and relationship-based expectations that provide containment while promoting empowerment and growth.’ Unity2017 wishes to be a platform to expand on this radical statement.

The objectives of this 3-day conference are:

  • to provide a forum to present thinking and share the views and practice experiences;

  • to aid in the understanding of the components of relational practice;

  • to share progressive and contemporary knowledge, with a focus on a relational response.

At this time we are sending out a call for papers seeking applications to contribute to the conference theme. If you have an idea you would like to propose or want some help with the application process, we will be happy to provide support.

To download application please click here.

Completed application forms to be returned to: info@empowerireland.com prior to 31st March 2017. WEBSITE: www.unitythroughrelationship.com


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