Vacancy Camphill Service- Social Care Worker

Role Title: House Coordinator

Reports to: PIC & Regional Manager

The Organization:

Camphill Communities of Ireland is a registered charity that is part of an international movement working with people with intellectual disabilities and other kinds of support needs. In Camphill residents share their homes, spiritual and working lives with those who are motivated to meet others as individuals needing support and recognition for who they are, and not as carer and cared for in the conventional sense.

Camphill is a way of life, where each person according to ability contributes what they can towards the well-being of the other. Pioneered by war refugees in Scotland almost 80 years ago, Camphill today numbers over 100 communities in 20 countries. In the Republic of Ireland, 16 communities of varying sizes and settings are home to around 250 residents / day attendees as well as some volunteers and coworkers. As each person with a disability is a unique individual, Camphill has established communities and services that cater to a variety of support needs and is in a continuous process of adapting itself to meet challenges & changes in those needs.

At the core of the community is the recognition of the dignity of people with disabilities, establishing supportive reciprocal relationships with those who provide support as part of the giving and sharing in community life. Camphill believes that no matter what an individual’s disability may appear to be, the spirit – the essential core that makes us all human – always remains whole. Everyone deserves equal respect and opportunities in life so that all may be able to fulfil their potential.

  1. Role

The primary purpose of this role is to ensure the safe and effective delivery of frontline services to the residents within your care through the implementation of quality and safe processes and systems within the house or houses that you are responsible for.  This includes oversight of staff, volunteers and Community resources to effectively implement compliance with all statutory requirements as well as quality and safety requirements in a person centred way arising under service agreements with the HSE and any other funding or oversight bodies.

This job description describes the roles and responsibilities as currently envisaged.  These may change over time in the light of the Organisation’s Corporate and Organisational objectives and the national disability sector programme.

2. Overall Objectives

Community objectives:

  1. Lead and coordinate supports to residents in the Community’s residential household(s) under your control providing a safe homely environment where each resident has access to comprehensive, person-centred and holistic personal support and promote social integration and community inclusion for residents and day attendees in your care.
  2. Be responsible for care management of all residents in the household(s) and their records to include the protection of the adults within your care against all forms of abuse and to ensure strict reporting and recording of any such abuse within the guidelines as set out by CCoI.
  3. Manage and oversee the day to day running of the residential household(s) within the Community that you are responsible for to include management of the household budget, recording and reporting of any issues relating to buildings, management of the staff under your control and maintain performance and financial data about the home.
  4. Manage the staff and rosters under your control ensuring that there is adequate cover for resident support at all times in line with their personal care plans, behavioural support plans, person centred plans and organise schedules to ensure that residents meet their personal goals and any health care needs.
  5. Organise, document and chair regular house meetings and resident meetings.
  6. Line manage employees and volunteer Coworkers within the house team and ensure the training needs of staff and Coworkers are met to include assisting in the process of induction of new coworkers, staff and residents.
  7. Ensure that the Community provides the best standard of care and support, complies with legislation, CCoI policies, best practice, national standards and can demonstrate same.
  8. Ensure a healthy and nutritious diet is offered that takes individual needs and choice into account.
  9. Ensure the development and maintenance of comprehensive Person-Centred Plans (PCPs), intimate care plans, behavioural support plans, etc., and such plans are regularly reviewed and monitored in line with CCoI policies.
  10. Undertake responsibility for health and safety in the home in line with CCoI Policies and Procedures and maintain necessary records including fire safety and risk assessment records.
  11. Attend meetings regarding residents and their health and well-being either within the community or at other locations if required.
  12. Attend other meetings within the community or at other locations as required and undertake driving duties as required by the necessities of the post.
  13. Participate in all mandatory training and ensure that where necessary you participate in CPD for your profession.
  14. Participate and uphold the ethos and mission of Camphill.

Individual Camphill Community objectives:

  1. Be the lead person within the Community for ensuring personal plans and records are comprehensive and up to date for each person whose support you are responsible.
  2. Ensure each person’s personal plan is reviewed as required and lead on the organisation of reviews on behalf of the Community. Conduct required checks & audit of records.
  3. Maintain complete and accurate records for each person supported including as appropriate individuals’ personal needs assessment, risk assessments, file notes, communication plans, behaviour management support, heath action plans, medication management records and financial records.
  4. Maintain records of incidents and notifiable events and follow up required and actions.
  5. Promote an open culture to learning, feedback, comment and complaint
  6. Liaise and work closely with a range of other support services, multi-disciplinary agencies, families and other professionals as required.

3         Span of Control

Camphill Communities of Ireland operates a residential and day service in 16 centres, in which approx. 250 residents and day-attendees live and take part in day activities, delivered by a workforce of approx. 500 persons comprised of employees and voluntary co-workers.

The House Coordinator will report to the Social Care Manager/PiC or designee. He/she will actively participate in the Community  Management Team and may be required to participate in regional and national forums to develop and maintain the following key working relationships

  • Social Care Manager/PiC in your community
  • Community Management Team of CCoI
  • CCoI Quality & Safety Coordinator
  • Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO) of the HSE in relation to the people you support
  • Family members/circle of support for the residents/day attendees
  • Engagement with regulatory bodies as required
  • External partnering agencies and advocacy organisations
  • External community organisations such as Arch Club, Special Olympics, etc.
  • From time to time you may also be required to participate in national forums for Camphill

4         Reporting in Roles

  • Social Care Workers
  • Social Care Assistants
  • Volunteer Coworkers

Other reporting in roles may be developed as the team expands

5         Key Responsibilities:

Compliance with regulations and policy:

  • Be the lead person within the Community’s household for ensuring the individual needs of resident are met including:
  • Physical Support (e.g. moving & handling, fire safety, cleaning, laundry, infection control, mobility and communication needs).
  • Personal Care (e.g. dressing, bathing, toileting, assistance with eating, sleeping support, skincare, first aid, health promotion).
  • Administration of medication, money management support and risk enablement.
  • Promoting community activity, employment, education and leisure/social opportunities.
  • Working as a team member, supporting the development of best practice and learning (e.g. attend team meetings, share learning from training).
  • Developing consistent working practices and clear responsibilities for home interior, home exterior and supporting health and wellbeing of individuals in workshops, garden and grounds.
  • Having a willingness to share duties and support each other (e.g. liaise with the workshops to make sure house-work transitions are managed according to the individual’s needs).
  • Adhere to the community ethos in regard to non-aversive low arousal approach to supporting people’s behaviour that may challenge.

Ensure provision and implementation of procedures:

  • Working within and supporting the delivery of services that meet current relevant national legislation and standards through adherence to Camphill policies and procedure at all
  • Confidentiality, Safeguarding Framework, Code of conduct and duty of care.
  • Closely monitoring and updating policies to ensure that the newest version is being adhered to by all staff under your control.
  • Being an active member of the Welfare Group and positively contributing to the management and development of the Community.

Training and Management of Staff and Deployment of Resources

  • Support the development of all staff under your control to ensure that staff will have the requisite skills to carry out the function of their roles effectively.
  • Undertake any training or other development programmes as may be directed by the Social Care Manager/PIC or designee.
  • Manage the performance of all assigned staff in a clear and positive manner, setting high standards and supporting people to achieve these.
  • Reports to the Social Care Manager/PIC and or designee must be submitted on time in all areas of responsibility and actively participates in the performance management process
  • Participate as an active and engaged member of the Community Management Team

Personal Commitment, Motivation and Integrity

  • Set a high personal standard in terms of ethics, openness and probity, promote an ethical approach to decision making and has a commitment to continued professional development
  • To bring a high degree of energy and commitment to the role – is resilient in the face of high demand levels and adversity.
  • Manage own time in a focused and disciplined manner to ensure that the most important issues are addressed and continue to show a high level of determination and persistence in pursuing quality and safety activities and goals
  • Lead by example in terms of actions and personal commitment – demonstrates clarity of purpose, personal competence and credibility that gives confidence to others
  • Lead by example in the development of person-centred services
  • Undertake other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the line manager

6         Skills, Competencies and/or knowledge

Knowledge and Experience


  • Excellent knowledge of all aspects of Social Care/Health Care in particular in relation to protection of Residents and Day attendees from all forms of abuse
  • A track record of delivering on the PCPs, Social Inclusion, Personal Outcomes, etc.
  • An understanding of quality safe systems of social care delivery
  • An understanding of Risk Management assessments and processes
  • An in‐depth knowledge of reporting and national policies and procedures in relation to social care/Healthcare in the delivery of social care services
  • A good knowledge of stakeholder engagement in PCPs
  • A good understanding of the Health Care act 2007 (regulations 2013) as it applies to this role.
  • Experience working in services for people with disabilities
  • An understanding of relevant legislation and national policies applicable to Disability Services.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the HIQA inspection processes and procedures and development of action plans
  • Knowledge, understanding and experience of managing staff and volunteers

Planning and Implementation

Demonstrates strong evidence of excellent planning and implementation in the area of Social Care including:

  • Competency to develop and deliver local action plans around social care
  • The ability to lead, direct and influence stakeholders and ensure buy‐in to plans and their implementation
  • The ability to deliver service improvement
  • An understanding of reporting methodologies and tools

Monitoring and Evaluation


  • An understanding of the development of person-centred plans and reviewing practices
  • A capacity to operate successfully in a challenging environment while adhering to quality standards
  • Capacity to inspire teams to be confident in the delivery of excellent services and service outcomes
  • An ability to implement management reporting systems relating to compliance, staff development and person centredness

Building and Maintaining Relationships ‐ Communication


  • A track record of building and maintaining key internal and external relationships in achieving local residential and day attendee’s goals
  • A core belief in and passion for the sustainable delivery of high-quality service user focused services
  • A capacity to negotiate and then ensure delivery on pressurised objectives
  • The experience and capacity to work effectively with other community personnel as well as regional and national services



  • A record of providing leadership within services
  • Ability to support and guide small local teams in the delivery of effective outcome based measures
  • An ability to lead out on new systems and processes in relation to social care and health and safety


Positions will be advertised externally also, closing date 11/12/2020.

Interviews will be week of 13th December 2020.

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