Voluntary Organisations; Train the Trainer Professional Supervision HSCP Supervisors

The National HSCP Office invite applications from the Voluntary Organisations,

for the eight-day Train the Trainer,

Professional Supervision for HSCP Supervisors.

Successful applicants to complete the Train the Trainer programme will have the knowledge, skills and attributes to deliver the four-day Professional Supervision training programme for HSCP Supervisors within the Health Service.
The programme is informed by the HSE HR Circular 002/2015 Supervision Guidelines for HSC Professionals and Priority 3 Supervision of the HSCP Education and Development Strategy 2016-2019.

AIM: The Train the Trainer training programme is to equip the identified HSCP trainers from the Voluntary Organisations r to deliver the national four-day Professional Supervision Training Programme for HSCP Supervisors.
Potential Trainers will be expected to participate fully in the four-day Professional Supervision Training Programme for HSCP (Supervisors) prior to undertaking the ‘Train the Trainer’ Programme component.
The Supervisors Training Programme will equip participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the effective engagement in and delivery of Professional Supervision as part of their role.

TARGET GROUP: Identified, experienced HSCP managers and senior practitioners from the Voluntary Organisations who, as part of their role, have responsibility for the provision of Professional Supervision to others and are themselves actively engaged in their own regular, formal Supervision with a designated supervisor as part of their practice and meet the specific criteria as outlined in the Train the Trainer criteria document.

DURATION: The Train the Trainer programme is held over eight days, divided into two four day programmes; the initial Supervisors programme component comprises of four full days is in two parts of two consecutive days each; with a four to six week break between each part to allow for application of learning.
The Train the Trainer component is also held over four full days and is divided into two parts of two consecutive days each, held four weeks apart.
Assignments and practice are undertaken throughout the eight days. Each day is 9.30am – 5pm and full participation is required.

PROGRAMME DELIVERY: The participatory and interactive nature of the training programme is delivered through a variety of learning methods including supervision practice using real topics from the participants. There is a requirement of each participant to complete a live video recording of supervision practice with a supervisee for review/analysis on day 3 of the Supervisor component of the Train the Trainer programme.

27th & 28th February 2019
29th & 30th April 2019 20th & 21st August 2019
16th & 17th September 2019

VENUE: TBC – Dublin and/or Tullamore.

Delivered by:
Both programmes will be delivered by two trainers: Eileen ONeill, Independent Trainer and Consultant and Nuala Flynn, National Lead on Professional Supervision for HSCP, HSE, National HSCP Office.


 Furnishing certificate of successful completion of the HSELand eLearning module Professional Supervision for HSCP WITH completed application form.
 Participants must have written commitment from their manager for their full participation to carry out the requirements of the programme.
 Participants must be in a HSCP senior role with minimum of three years’ experience as a practitioner or in a HSCP manager role in the Voluntary Sector.
 Participants must have responsibility and opportunity for providing regular, formal supervision to others as part of their role. (Minimum of 2 supervisees; ideally 3) on an on-going basis including while participating in the programme.
 Participants must engage in their own regular, formal Professional Supervision with a designated supervisor as part of their practice on an on-going basis including while participating in the programme.

There are 16 places available on the Train the Trainer programme.
Applications will be reviewed in line with the prerequisites outlined and trainer criteria.
Application forms and further information are available from Nuala Flynn, National HSCP Office, at nuala.flynn@hse.ie or 087 9978663