Welcoming today’s announcement of new health regions

Dear Colleagues

I was pleased to take part with Minister Simon Harris in today’s announcement of six new health regions for Ireland; this is an important milestone on the way to implementing SláinteCare and improving our health service.

We want people to be able to get the health services they need, as close to home as possible, with the majority of care delivered in the community and not in acute hospitals.

The new health regions are an important step in enabling us to plan and provide better healthcare, with a shared budget to care for the people living in each region. It will mean that health service staff will have more autonomy to plan hospital and community services together, and will help us to provide more integrated care at both regional and local level.

See www.hse.ie/healthregions for further information and a map of the new health regions

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Since I joined the HSE, I have met staff right across the country who works tirelessly to deliver the best care possible, and who have great energy and ambition for constantly improving what we do, and how we do it. I’d like to thank you all for that energy and for your on-going commitment to patient care.

Integration is not new; you and your colleagues have been working to achieve it, at all levels of our services, for many years. Today’s decision strengthens the commitment to integrated care and to local decision-making.

I know that structural change of this kind can be challenging, so I would like to assure you all that the next stages will involve a lot of consultation with staff, and with patients and stakeholders. This consultation will happen over the coming months, to design how the new health regions will operate, and take every opportunity to ultimately deliver better and more joined up services locally.  There will be a clear roadmap developed in that time, so that any changes to people’s work area will be outlined well in advance.

While that work is on-going, our team and services will continue in the current structures, focused on the job at hand – ensuring our health service is working for people, and striving to be better.

Thank you

Paul Reid, CEO