Welcoming Winter with The Sanctuary

The days are getting shorter and the nights are drawing in. It’s time to prepare ourselves for the Winter ahead.
As a means to do so, we have some wonderful online courses  and special events to bring us right up to the end of the year.
If you enjoyed the 31 Day Meditation Challenge,
don’t miss our next month long event…
This December, The Sanctuary invites you to join us for a month long online Christmas reflection in which we will explore the benefits of slowing down, letting go and resting as we prepare for the return of light and the first shoots of inspiration after a time of gestation.

Through a series of guest spiritual teachers and meditation practice sessions, we will explore the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy & Love.

4 Weekend Teachings Saturday mornings from 10.30 am -12.30 pm

4 Midweek Practice Sessions on Wednesday mornings from 8 -8.30 am

The Christmas reflection ends on Winter Soltice or Monday December 21st (10am) at our Community Meditation. 

Price: €80

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Connect to Self, Connect to Others

In this half day, we will spend time reflecting on how we can access the real resources for resilience that we all have so that we might thrive this Winter season..

From a mindfulness perspective, it’s important to just be with what we are finding difficult, just letting it be. However, as neuropsychologist Rick Hanson says, we can also practice ‘letting go and letting in’.

As we let go, we can let in the good that we find – sometimes in the small things – but also in the connections we have and the connections we can make with ourselves and with others.

Through a mix of mindfulness practices, storytelling, journaling, drawing, visualisation and  silent time together, the aim is to help us find more resources inside and outside ourselves to become more resilient.

This session will be led by Mary Jennings. Mary is a longtime faciliator with The Sanctuary and teaches on its MBSR programmes, Trusting your Inner Compus and Mindful Decisions/Wise Actions courses.

Saturday 12th December



Price: €30

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New to the world of Mindfulness?This three week course provides a taste of mindfulness and offers participants the chance to dip their toe in the practices of breath meditation, meditating on the senses, body scan, walking meditation, and eating meditation.

This course is perfect for beginners looking to learn about Mindful living and meditation.

4th – 18th December 2020
Friday mornings
10:00 am – 11:30
Price: €50

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We  have a variety of other courses this month and next. These Include Sound Healing Workshops, 5 Rhythms Dance, Explore your Healing Voice and a special workshop for Teachers and School Leaders – Taking Heart Wellbeing for Teachers and School Leaders.
Find out what other courses are happening this month at The Sanctuary online by clicking here
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