Your Invite to the Next HSE Members’ Network – 2 Dec

A message from Ivan Cooper | Director of Public Policy

“I would like to invite you to our next HSE Members’ Network meeting, taking place online on Wednesday, 2 December from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.   

The meeting will consider an important DRAFT report that has been produced by the National Economic and Social Council (NESC) on foot of a request from the recently established Health Dialogue Forum (of which The Wheel is a member). This draft report attempts to capture the innovative response of community and voluntary organisations during the COVID-19 crisis period and to identify the positive learning from the experience of what has worked in practice.  

The report will form the basis for the future work of the Health Dialogue Forum, which we in The Wheel believe has great potential to address many of the longstanding issues identified in the Report of the Independent Review group on the role of voluntary organisations in health and social services.  

This report will play a crucial role in guiding and framing the work of the Dialogue Forum and as such it is very important that members of The Wheel are satisfied with the analysis it contains and the way forward it suggests. 

With this in mind we are also delighted that the report’s author, Dr. Damian Thomas of the NESC, has agreed to present on the report at the meeting and will stay to hear the feedback following discussions on the report that will take place during breakouts. We will be gathering the feedback and perspective of members and making sure that it is taken into consideration in finalising the report and determining the work of the Health Dialogue Forum in the new year. 

If you are a HSE-funded member of The Wheel, or indeed a member involved in health and social services, then I would strongly encourage you to register for this event

The impact of the COVID-19 was very significant on the community and voluntary sector and while there were, and remain, huge challenges, there were also many positive outcomes in terms of both the heightened visibility of how services responded and pivoted and the increased collaboration with state funders. Identifying these lessons and learnings will help us to frame how the state and voluntary sectors can collectively move forward, building on recent experiences from the crisis. 

This is a free event, but we do require you register here first.  
We also welcome any feedback you may have in advance of the meeting. You can email me directly at or contact our Policy Officer Lucy at  

Zoom details to follow to all registrants”

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