HSE Spark Innovation Programme

HSE Spark Innovation Programme is inviting HSE frontline staff with a passion for innovation to host a Spark Connect event in your local service/department with guidance and support from HSE Spark Innovation Team during this year’s Public Service Transformation week (October 23-27).

At Spark, we recognise that some of the most innovative ideas and projects come from the frontline in local settings around the country. We want to support you to promote and showcase the innovative work happening in your department as well as providing you the tools to solve new challenges within the health system.

There are two ways in which you can engage with the ‘Spark Connect’ events on Public Service Transformation week.

1. We are delighted to invite you and your team to attend our online session “Interviews with Innovators”, which will stream on the morning of 26th October 2023.

At this online session, you will have the opportunity to:

· Learn about a range of innovative projects from across the country that are being developed and implemented within healthcare

· Gain insights into the real life experience (the highs and the lows!) of the innovation journey, as told by HSE frontline staff members.

2. In addition, we would like to offer you access to our ‘Spark Connect Tool Kit’ to help you to develop a culture of innovation within your team/service. We will be encouraging teams across the country to work through our simple toolkit during ‘Public Sector Transformation Week’ so that you can explore areas of challenge that you or your patients experience and come up with some innovative ideas for solving your complex challenges.

If you are interested in engaging with Spark Connect, by registering for the “Interviews with Innovators” and/or accessing the ‘Spark Connect Toolkit’ please complete the short form below.


Spark Connect Activity Pack


If you have any questions please feel free to email us on spark@hse.ie

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