September 16, 2020

The National Health & Social Care Office Survey

The Health Service Executive’s National Telehealth Steering Group is overseeing plans to increase capacity across the health sector in the area of online support and therapies and has asked the National HSCP Office to share this survey and request input from the HSCP workforce. This 5 minute survey has been designed to get the views of health and social care professionals and other interested stakeholders on the use of a range of online resources. The information from this short survey will be used to plan this important area of health service delivery over the coming months and years. Please […]
September 9, 2020

National Standards for the Care and Support of Children using Health & Social Care Services

HIQA is developing Overarching National Standards for the Care and Support of Children using Health and Social Care Services. HIQA recognises the importance of increasing the quality and safety of care and support for all children when they are using health and social care services. In 2018, HIQA committed to the development of National Standards for Children’s Social Services. During the development of these standards, it became evident to HIQA that there was an opportunity to also develop an overarching set of national standards to support improvements in all health and social care services working with children. These overarching national […]
September 2, 2020

Children’s Rights Alliance

Members Briefing and Consultation on the Review of the Child Care Act 1991 Monday 7 September The Department of Children, Disability, Equality and Integration is currently reviewing the Child Care Act 1991. This is the primary piece of legislation regulating child care and child protection policy in Ireland. As part of this review they have launched an online consultation, for more see here. The Children’s Rights Alliance will be holding a member’s briefing on the Child Care Act review with Maria Corbett, Deputy Director of the Child Care Law Reporting Project giving an overview of the review to date as […]
September 2, 2020

Solution Talk – Prof John Sharry

I hope you are all doing well during these challenging times. Since the lockdown, I have moved all my trainings and parenting supports online. In spite of some initial challenges (and a steep learning curve!) this has worked remarkably well and many parents have even preferred the new online workshop format that they can access from the comfort of their home! I include below, details on my new 3-evening course ‘Building Resilience and Self-esteem in Your Children and Teenagers’, a free ‘Parenting when Separated’ talk and resources for parents getting children back into good routines. I plan to offer more parenting and mental health […]
September 2, 2020

The Childhood Development Initiative are running the Being Dad  project in Tallaght

Are you a Dad or soon to be Dad based in Tallaght? Interested in talking about your experience of Being Dad? What was helpful? What would you like to know more about? The Childhood Development Initiative are running the Being Dad  project in Tallaght. We are looking for volunteers to participate in one to one interviews.  We are interested in listening to you and getting a better understanding of parenting from the Dads perspective. You can register your interest by emailing or Dave, From Lads to Dads FLTD  
August 28, 2020

Introducing The Wheel’s Autumn 2020 Training Calendar

  Big Issues Facing the Sector  11 Sept 2020 Reflecting on the tumultuous year so far and looking ahead to the key developments yet to come in 2020, and beyond. Tags: free, members-only, online.   Storytelling for Success Online Training Series with The National Lottery 15 / 23 / 28 Sept 2020 Master art of digital storytelling and advocacy with this trio of FREE workshops. Tags: free, online.         The Evolution of Giving featuring PayPal Giving Fund 17 Sept 2020 Online fundraising can seem like a daunting prospect, especially for smaller charities, but with tools like PayPal Giving Fund, developing your […]
August 26, 2020

The impact of Covid-19 on Residential Care settings for Adults with Intellectual Disability

My name is Dr Breda McTaggart, I am both a manager and researcher within the Institute of Technology Sligo. My colleagues and I are undertaking a research study titled: “The impact of Covid-19 on Residential Care settings for Adults with Intellectual Disability”. We are particularly interested in examining the experiences of social care workers who work in residential care settings during COVID-19.  We wish to explore how their daily work practices have changed during this time and what their experience of working during this crisis. I have attached some more information on the project for your consideration. Social Care is […]
August 19, 2020

HIQA- E-Learning National Standards for infection prevention and control in community services.

Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has launched an online learning module to support front-line staff to understand and implement the National Standards for infection prevention and control in community services.  The development of this e-learning tool followed on from discussions at the advisory group, and other stakeholder engagement, around developing tools to support the implementation of the standards. The module aims to promote good practice in the area, while also addressing knowledge and skills gaps identified through extensive stakeholder engagement throughout the standards development process. It contains self-reflection questions to help staff to think about how they are already […]
August 13, 2020

Evidence review to inform the development of National Standards for Children’s Social Services

We are pleased to let you know that the evidence review to inform the development of the National Standards for Children’s Social Services was published today on the HIQA website and is being promoted on social media. You can find a link to the publication here. Executive Summary All children have a right to be safe, to have timely access to appropriate services and support, and to maximise their wellbeing and development. The children who come to the attention of children’s social services are some of the most vulnerable in society. Their needs must be assessed properly by these services, […]
August 10, 2020

Inclusion Ireland- Disability Day Services

Disability day services have been closed to people who use them since mid-March with a few exceptions. Today, 08/07/2020 the HSE has issued guidance to disability day services to guide and support the reopening of these adult day services. They have also issued a July update for families and an accessible update for people with disabilities. Disability services should beginning to contact people with disabilities and their family members in the coming week or two to beginning the return to services in a safe manner. It is disappointing that the HSE are indicating a reduced service for people at present due to public health guidance. It is […]