Date: 1st May, 2024


Title of Research: From Childcare to CORU – the suitability of social care education for practice from 1971 to 2024.


Overview: You are being invited to participate in a study to explore the social care practitioners’ lived experience of practice and his/her perspective on the integrated knowledge received from their formal education in social care post 2019. This study is being conducted by researcher Charlotte Burke. The primary supervisor for this project is Dr Denise Lyons, and the co-supervisors are Dr Dean McDonnell and Dr Hazel O Brien from the Department of Humanities at South East Technological University (SETU). This research project is part of a Doctorate in Philosophy in Social Care.

Aim: To assess the social care workers’ perspective on the impact of social care education to practice from 2019.

Why have you been approached to participate?
You have been identified as a possible participant in this study because you can provide insight into your experience of graduating from a social care programme in Ireland post-2019.

What are you being asked to do?

Participation will involve a one hour semi-structured interview at a time and date of your choice. It is proposed that this will involve a face to face interview at a convenient location.

Research – Participant Information Sheet

Consent Form

If you are interested in participating  or if you have any further question please contact:

Charlotte Burke –

Thanking you in advance!



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