Advertise with Us

Social Care Ireland welcome advertisement of positions/roles that take cognisance of the appropriate professional title, qualification and eligibility criteria for future registration with the Social Care Work Registration Board.

We help you reach job seekers through: 

  • Job promotion via our social media platforms  (reach 2,000+per week) 
  • Email Social Care Ireland members directly 
  • Adverts will be individually placed in the ‘Jobs’ section of our website 
  • Cúram Magazine is published three times a year, if the publication of the magazine coincides with your advertisement, the advert will be published free of charge. 

Please complete the Advertise with us form or contact for further information.

The Board/Executive reserve the right to decline any advertisement which they deem is not in line with the above criterion. All decisions of the Board/Executive are final.

Make a Payment:

€100 Fee for Registered Charities

€150 Fee for Commercial Entities

Payment can be made via the above link


Payment can be made electronically – please email for details.



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