Continuing Professional Development Training Needs for Social Care 2024

It’s that time of the year again when we like to plan and scope out the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs of the social care sector for 2024. We really appreciate if you can take the time (6 minutes) to fill out this survey. We are looking for what CPD supports you need from Social Care Ireland. For instance; information on CORU and CPD requirements, Reflective Practice workshops, or Skills Development workshops or conferences. If you can share any emerging practice issues would be really beneficial.

When Social Care Ireland gather all this data from the survey we use it to put applications together to seek funding from the HSE. These are due mid-November 2023. If the applications are successful Social Care Ireland can organise these workshops in 2024. We may need to charge a nominal fee towards administration costs but otherwise we keep the cost low or free. This year we received nearly €27,000 towards CPD workshops and events.

The applications can also be interdisciplinary so if you see tickets on the Social Care Ireland webpage advertising events or workshops for other professional bodies it means Social Care Ireland have secured some places on these events for you. A duel title can be used you can avail of tickets as a  Health and Social Care Professional (HSCP) or a social care worker. You can now access a wide range of CPD from other professions depending on your CPD needs. We would like to acknowledge the National Health and Social Care professionals Office who process these applications for the HSE and their ongoing support.

CPD Survey

Survey closes on the 13th October

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