Episode 1: Welcome to the Social Care Ireland Conference

This is the first episode of series two of the Social Care Podcast – Sharing Stories, with Audrey Moore and David Bagnall aka ‘Baggie’.

The first four episodes of this series were recorded live at the Social Care Ireland Conference in collaboration with Social Care Ireland.

For this first episode, we chat with a number of delegates at the conference including Emily McElarney, Social Care Worker, three students studying Social Care at TUDublin, Noel Howard, editor of the Curam and Links magazines for Social Care Ireland and David Durney, Chairperson of the Social Care Ireland Conference committee.

If you would like to give feedback on The Social Care Podcast or be a guest on the show, please reach out to Audrey and Baggie by emailing thesocialcarepodcast@gmail.com

This podcast was produced in collaboration with Social Care Ireland at the Social Care Ireland Conference. However, Social Care Ireland does not endorse any products or services mentioned. Opinions expressed are the hosts or guests own and do not represent the views of Social Care Ireland.

This podcast is proudly sponsored by Trust Social Care Consultancy, for the support and development of those working in the social care sector. 

Photos attached: Audrey & Baggie, Emily McElarney, David Durney and 3 students from TUDublin Lauren, Sadie and Alexandra.


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