Episode 2: Social Care Ireland Conference Exhibitors

Join Audrey and Baggie as they chat with three of the exhibitors at the Social Care Ireland Conference, followed by a chat with one of the key-note speakers.

Ciara Redmond is a recruiter from HAYS with many years experience working in social care services up to management level. Ciara chats about her vast experience in the sector both at home and abroad before becoming a recruiter.

From SAIL Training Ireland, Sindy Offer and and Anita Oman-Wrynn tell us all about the work they do on the tall ships, where they give opportunities to a range of people to experience crewing ships.

You will hear Brian Thornton’s story of how he got into social care and about his role in ‘Way to Work’, a service which helps care leavers enter apprenticeships.

Brian Pennie, doctor of neuroscience and SCI Conference keynote speaker joins Audrey and Baggie for a chat about the conference and his experience of trauma which led him down the road of addiction.

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This podcast was produced in collaboration with Social Care Ireland at the Social Care Ireland Conference. However, Social Care Ireland does not endorse any products or services mentioned. Opinions expressed are the hosts or guests own and do not represent the views of Social Care Ireland.

This podcast is proudly sponsored by Trust Social Care Consultancy, for the support and development of those working in the social care sector.

Photos Attached:

Dr. Brian Pennie, Brian Thornton from Way2Work, Anita and Sindy from Sail Training Ireland and Ciara Redmond from HAYS


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