Episode 4 : SCI Conference Award Winners 2023

Episode 4 : SCI Conference Award Winners 2023
In this episode, Audrey and Baggie chat to the two recipients of Social Care Ireland Awards at the 2023 Conference.

Ciaran Byrne, a Social Care Worker in WALK is the recipient of Social Care Ireland Student of the Year and talks about his journey through recovery and into third level education. Joanne McAdam, a Social Care Leader with Tusla, the recipient of Social Care Ireland Outstanding Contribution of the Year talks about her work creating Christmas hampers for families in need for the past 15 years.

Audrey and Baggie also take some time to reflect on this years Social Care Ireland conference.

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This podcast was produced in collaboration with Social Care Ireland at the Social Care Ireland Conference. However, Social Care Ireland do not endorse any products or services mentioned. Opinions expressed are the hosts or guests own and do not represent the views of Social Care Ireland.

This podcast is proudly sponsored by Trust Social Care Consultancy, for the support and development of those working in the social care sector.



  • Ciaran Byrne, Recipient of SCI Student of the Year Award. Joanne McAdam, Recipient of SCI Outstanding Contribution of the Year Award


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