Free – coaching sessions (pro-bono) for Social Care Professionals

“My name is Caroline Cronly and I have worked in social care, front line and management for 25 plus years before moving into training and development.

Coaching with Neuroscience is the understanding that we all have individual chemistry which is unique to us and impacts the people and the world around us. The focus of attention, awareness and intention allows for the whole system of the coach to work with the whole system of the client in a way that delivers positive impact and results. It leverages and leans on the latest research around the integration of the three-brain based science.

The coaching can take place in person or via MS Teams or Zoom so geographical location need not be an issue. You can contact me at . I will invite you to meet me for a chemistry check (20 minutes) to make sure that we are compatible, and you want to proceed with the 4 coaching sessions”

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