‘Reconnecting with the heart of frontline practice

A national seminar will take place on Tuesday 24th May 2022 at Nano Nagle Place in Cork to provide time and space for frontline practitioners to pause and reflect on their work.

‘Reconnecting with the heart of frontline practice’ is a hybrid in-person and online event, open to all frontline practitioners working in health, social care, social work or education.

This is the third consecutive year this seminar has been held. The theme of this year’s event is “Connecting and relating in diverse and complex settings” as healthcare, social work, social care and educational workplace settings are by their nature complex and diverse.

Guest speakers are Dr Tom A. Hutchinson, Professor, Department of Medicine and Department of Oncology and Director, McGill Programs in Whole Person Care, Canada; Joan Fletcher, independent Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Trainer, and Nickie Egan, Principal of North Presentation Primary School in Cork.

Each will share insight from an individual and practice experience perspective on the topic of relating and connecting.

The collaborators behind this event – Dr Maeve Hurley, Jim Sheehan and Dr Nicola O’ Sullivan – have a shared interest in supporting frontline practitioners’ health and wellbeing.

Jim Sheehan said: “It is so important for us as human beings and practitioners to find space to connect with each other at a heart level and to give space to the many values that we share and sustain us in our work. Our focus is on creating safe spaces for multi-disciplinary practitioners to gather together as a community to reflect on the values and sense of mission and purpose that drew them to their work in the first place, how they can reconnect with this and how it can help sustain them and keep them motivated and well.”

Dr Maeve Hurley said: “With growing pressure on people and systems, we invite practitioners to take time out of their routine daily practice to reflect on how human connection can help buffer and support us during these challenging times. Our inspirational practitioners will speak from the heart so we hope that it will be a nourishing and enriching experience for attendees.”

Dr Nicola O’ Sullivan said: “We look forward to welcoming practitioners to what will be an open, friendly and reflective exploration of what is at the heart of frontline practice, while considering the physical, psychological, emotional and relational impacts of frontline work in complex systems.”

‘Reconnecting with the heart of frontline practice’ is a one-day, not-for-profit event on Tuesday 24th May from 9:30am to 3:45pm and it will include interactive plenary sessions and facilitated break-out spaces.

Tickets are €50 via Eventbrite or email sabrina.moris@relationshipsinpractice.ie


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