Social Ability Carlow Kilkenny

Social Ability Carlow Kilkenny is a self-advocacy group for people with disabilities. The group originally came together in 2017.  Social Care Ireland have been successful in receiving funding for this group for the last 3 years.

Big congratulations to all involved in making this wonderful group the success that it has been and will continue to be. Social Care Ireland are looking forward to continue supporting and working with Social Ability Carlow Kilkenny in 2023 and beyond…

Social Ability Carlow Kilkenny vision is that people with Intellectual Disabilities living and working in Kilkenny/Carlow would be supported to be autonomous, have their right to equality upheld and become active valued members of their wider community. There are currently 12 people with disabilities engaging actively in the self-advocacy group.

The goal for year 2023 are to work towards independence and self – sufficiency, to undertake a project called Access Carlow Kilkenny, to fulfil  personal goals, and finally to increase membership and links with other local group which represent equality and inclusion.

  1. Working towards independence and self sufficiency
  2. Advocating on accessibility
  3. Fulfil our personal goals
  4. Increase our membership size and links with local advocacy group in provider organisations.


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