The Sanctuary – Prof. Ian Robertson is back with confidence!

Prof. Ian Robertson is back!

Professor Ian Robertson is returning this month with the tools, tips and practices to help each of us uncover our inner confidence. In a world that tells us that we should be more, Ian is reminding us that we have everything that we need. We are enough! The secret is confidence. Let’s learn together!

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Learning confidence for resilience: A three-week course with Ian Robertson

1: The science of confidence

What are the effects of confidence on wellbeing and on your personal and professional successes? How does it work in your mind and brain, and how can it be sabotaged by stereotypes of gender, race, class, physical appearance, age or disability?

2: Learning to be confident, part one

Learn about the 10 A’s – attention, action, adversity, attitude to self, attitude to failure, aspiration, asking for reassurance, affirmation of values, addressing saboteurs, and anxiety – in this session we will cover the first five.

3: Learning to be confident, part two

In this session we will cover the last five ‘A’s – aspiration, asking for reassurance, affirmation of values, addressing saboteurs and anxiety.

Professor Ian Robertson is a neuroscientist and trained clinical psychologist. His latest book, How Confidence Works, is published by Penguin; his other widely translated books include The Stress Test, Mind Sculpture, The Mind’s Eye, Stay Sharp, and The Winner Effect, which have been reviewed, excerpted or covered across the world, from CBS News to the Times of India, and the Washington Times to the Guardian. Ian is co-director of the Global Brain Health Institute.

Cost: €50.00

Thursday evenings, 20th January 2022, 27th January 2022 & 3rd February 2022.




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