Unity 2024 – Call for Papers 2024

Please see below message from UNITY.

“UNITY 2024 will take place on 11th &12th November at the Bonnington Hotel.

At this time we are seeking proposals from anyone who is interested in delivering a workshop.

This years theme / title is Resetting The Foundation Stones of Relational Practice where over the course of the event you will be able to engage in conversations and discussions and attend presentations related to the essential core aspects of ‘Relational Practice’, Some of these topics might include relational value, relational wisdoms or what effective relational practice (with children and families) looks like. The range of topics for inclusion is broad, but all need to have a relational basis.

At this time we are asking you to consider if you (and or a colleague) might be interested in submitting a proposal on relevant topics, which can include things like (i) Connecting with children and families, (ii) Working in the Life-Space, (iii) Understanding Needs, (iv) Being Strength-Based, (v) Reflective Practice, (vi) The role of Love, (vii) Empathy, (viii) Integrity, (ix) Building Trust, and (x) Fun & Humour… to name but a few.

To find out more and to access the proposal form, please go to: https://unityconference.org/call-for-papers-2024/

Closing date for proposals is in about 3 weeks time

All presenters will receive a 50% discount on registration fee”

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